RESCUE Bowl-a-rama Fundraising Event

August 4, 2007 is the date for the 5th Annual Bowl-a-rama. This event is huge fundraiser for RESCUE. We have a goal of $50,000 this year for this event.

To quote our website:

“Organized by local animal-loving businesswoman Eileen Proctor, top dog of It’s A Ruff Life!, in conjunction with Pets911, this event is part of their continued mission to lend a paw to animals that are currently living a “rough” life. The Bowl-A-Rama brings together over 60 animal organizations to participate in this fifth annual fun-filled day to help the animals.
All pledges raised by RESCUE will go directly to our mission of providing a second chance at life for dogs and cats who through no fault of their own are spending their final days at Maricopa County Animal Care and Control.”
Basically, we try to raise as much money as we can between now and August 4th. On the 4th, all the animal rescue organizations come together and take over a local bowling alley and bowl, cheer each other on, parade around in crazy costumes, and all around have fun. The organization with the best costumes wins a prize as does the organization that raises the most funds. RESCUE wants to be the latter in that. We did it last year and we want to do it again this year.

So how can you help? Easy! You can make a pledge to one of our teams. Its a secure online transaction which is tax deductible (you’ll receive a receipt in the mail), and only takes a minute!

I’m on the “Hot Doggies” team this year. We’re the dog team. There is also a cat team. But of course, you want to support the dog team. Its all about the dog team. Don’t forget, its the dog team you want to support. Got that? D-O-G T-E-A-M. So when you head on over to the website to make your donation, you’ll want to be sure to indicate the “Hot Doggies” team. We have a little internal competition amongst the RESCUE volunteers: Cat Team vs Dog Team. The dog teams have always raised more than the cat teams, and we want to keep it that way. ;D (But the Cat Team is determined to make it a close second.) When the form asks for a referrer, you can just put this blog or my blog name (AZ Dog Mom).
So scoot on over there before you head out to the dog park and make that donation! We need all the funds we can get, every little bit helps.

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