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Foster Update September 21st, 2007: Jimmy

September 21, 2007
“Little Jimmy Jimmy won’t go home…”

Oh wait, yes he will, and hopefully it will be this weekend! Last weekend Jimmy had a Meet & Greet with A and D and their adorable little pup named Lily. They have a very dog-friendly home: tile and wood floors which make it easy to clean up accidents, a set of steps to help small dogs get up on the bed, and toys in just about every room! And I don’t mean just one or two toys, I mean a pile-o-toys! Jimmy picked out one or two while he was there even.

A and D of course loved Jimmy from the moment we walked into the house. Lily, not so much. She really wanted nothing to do with him, and made that pretty clear. But Jimmy is a very respectful little guy, and when she snubbed him, he took it all in stride and found other things to capture his attention. She never snapped at him, but she did growl a bit and mostly just “avoided” him by turning away from him.

Jimmy did warm up to A and D after about an hour. He’s slow to warm up to strangers because he’s still a bit apprehensive. But they were very understanding of this and most of the Meet & Greet was spent sitting on the floor and letting Jimmy come to them when he was ready. Of course, when he did, he snuggled close and gave sweet little puppy kisses. 😀

After two hours they wanted to move forward with it but they wanted to be sure that Lily and Jimmy would be fine together, they want to be sure the dogs are a match. So Jimmy will be going over there this evening and will spend the weekend with them. That way A and D can have some bonding time with him, and Lily will get a chance to show if she’ll get used to him or if she’d rather he just wasn’t around. She reminds me of our min pin. Marie is all growl and no bite, and after a week or two, accepts the fact that the new dog is sticking around. Its usually not long before she’s initiating wrestling matches even. So keep your fingers crossed for them and I will post next week to let you know if it was a match and Jimmy has found his new forever home!

See you at the dog park!