Meet Our New Foster, Simon!

Monday afternoon I got the call that a new dog was available for us to foster. He’s a Boston Terrier/Corgi mix named Simon. Not sure yet if he likes to do “drarwings” ;D . (I probably just totally dated myself with that comment, eh?)

Here is a pictures of him from the day he was rescued.

Isn’t he absolutely adorable? His little white stripe makes me think of a skunk. Too bad it doesn’t extend down his back. He has a little white patch on his chest and his toes have some white on them too.

So far, he’s been a quiet and well behaved little guy. He seems to be housebroken (when we pay attention to his signals), is fine with our dog (they don’t interact, but exist together fine), and seems to good with cats (or at least indifferent to them).

Today is only his third day with us, so we really don’t know much more about him. As we learn more, I’ll be sure to post. We did get some really cute pictures of him sleeping last night, but we still need to download those.

This Saturday RESCUE is having a car wash from 9am to 1pm. We’ll be at the Burger King on the southeast corner of 48th Street and Warner Road in Ahwatukee (south Phoenix). We’ll wash you car for a donation (it never hurts to be generous you know) and we’ll also have some RESCUE Wear available for sale (shirts, hat, stickers, license plate covers, key chains, etc with our logo on them). In addition to that, some of our available dogs will be hanging out there. So if you are interested in meeting some of our dogs, and in getting your car washed for a good cause, stop on by. And be sure to tell anyone you know to come by as well!

We have an on-going national fundraiser . The “National Pet Idol” contest is a contest where, for just $1, you can post a picture of your pet and some information about them. Then for just $1, you and anyone else can then vote for their favorite animal. And this isn’t just for dogs or cats, its for all pets! So far, its mostly cats and dogs, but there is on chinchilla entered. All the proceeds go to benefit RESCUE. Its being sponsored by Animal Wellness Magazine and the Only Natural Pet Store (by the way, if you purchase from them by using the link on the RESCUE home page, they’ll donate a percentage of your sale to RESCUE!). The voting begins October 24th, 2007, so hurry up and post your pets! Which reminds me, I need to get my fur-babies up there.

Well, that’s about it for this post. Thanks for reading. See you at the dog park!


One Response to “Meet Our New Foster, Simon!”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    I am interested in adopting simon if he is still available. I have filled out the rescue adoption paperwork. You can email me at . Thank you.

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