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Velvet Says….

January 27, 2009


How can you possibly refuse? I met Miss Velvet this past weekend, and let me just say, she is a real love. And even better, she’s available for adoption and just waiting for you to find her and be her forever home.

Velvet is 8 years young. She currently shares a room with another cat and does quite well. She hasn’t spent much time around dogs though, so I’m not sure how she would do in a home with one. A RESCUE Matchmaker might be able to give you more information on that. She’s a quiet and friendly gal who will be happy to grace the sunny spots in your home.

Velvet went through a rough patch in life. She was adopted out but returned due to her family moving. Initially she was scared and confused, but she has since blossomed and learned to trust people again. She loves attention and isn’t afraid to ask for it. Her space at our cat facility looks out into the entrance area. I was greeted by her when I came in the door. She let out a little meow and then reached out a paw to me. And when I decided to stop scratching her head before she’d had enough lovin’, she let me know about it. 😀

If you’re interested in Velvet, or know someone who might be, check our her profile on our website. Then fill out a Matchmaker form.

Thanks for stopping by. See you at the dog park.