Meet Our New Foster – Nicolas

Nicolas loves to rest his head in your hand

Nicolas loves to rest his head in your hand

We have had the joy of little Nicolas for a few weeks now. The little man has been neutered and is ready to find his new forever home.

Nicolas is a small, 8 lb chihuahua, with pug-like tendencies.  That’s right.  He looks like a chi, but snorts like a pug.  Its not constant, but he does snort.  And he snores.  Which is just too funny, and too cute.  I’ve actually recorded the sound of it.   He also has a soft, pug-like coat (around the scruff its super soft) and he sits and lays in very puggy positions (pug owners will know just what I’m talking about).   I do so miss having a little snorting machine around and he fills that void nicely.

Little Nicolas, or as we like to think of him, Bruiser, is a little hesitant initially, but once he’s knows you’re a friend, he’s happy to accept some cheek and neck scratches.    That’s what he’s doing in the photo above.  If you are seated on the floor, he will come over and put his head on your hand until you scratch him.  He can be quite persistent about it too.    He also loves to just snuggle up in a lap or will curl up on next to a human on the couch and snooze.

His favorite place to be is on the pillows on our recliner.  That’s his little spot, and we have a feeling that if we didn’t crate him at night or while we are out of the house, that the chair is where he would spend most of his day.

Nicolas is finally starting to come out of his shell.  This weekend he made huge puppy leaps by actually initiating play with the Min Pin.  He actually play-bowed and let out a tiny little grrr, then flung his head and romped across the room to get Marie to chase him.  She was all too happy to oblige and we had a brief round of Puppy 500 in the living room.  Then I took a step forward from the kitchen and distracted Nicolas (“Ohmigosh, there’s mom, I’d better go see her, its been minutes since I’ve seen her last and that’s just far too long”).   He still has no clue what to do with toys, but Marie has been a pretty good teacher in the area of play (she’s been trying to get him to chase her for a couple of weeks now).

He is also still mostly afraid of our cat.  She enters the room, he stops and turns his head away and won’t look in her direction at all.  But that’s slowly changing, yesterday he actually gave her a little chase down the hall in a playful manner (hey, she hissed and swatted first, with no provocation from him, he was totally justified in that moment of feline following).   But seeing as he’s about half the size of most cats, he’s totally cat-safe.

I find myself wondering about life for this sweet little guy before he ended up at Animal Care and Control.  When he was rescued, he has some major staining around the eyes (he looked owl-like in his rescue-day photos), one of his toenails was a short little mangled thing with a pointed tip and he has some scars on his tiny body (see second photo in his gallery, on his right hind leg).  And he’s only about a year old.    I just wonder what he’s seen, what he’s been through and experienced.   But I know its better to not dwell on his unhappy past and rather focus on helping him to blossom and become the sweet and well-adjusted little dog he was always meant to be.

Nicolas would probably be happy as an only dog, but I also see him doing fabulously with another small and playful pup.    His ideal home is an adult home (or home with children 12 and older) where his people will be home more than they are away.

If you’re interested in Nicolas, you can fill out a Matchmaker form on our website.  

He’ll also be at the Grayhawk Bow Wow Pow Wow this coming Saturday, March 14th, from 10am-1pm.  You can swing by and meet him there!

Thanks for reading.  See you at the dog park!


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