Nicolas is Becoming a Dog!

We have had little Nicolas for two months now and he’s been a joy for the most part.    In the last couple of weeks he has actually started to initiate play with our Min Pin, and even a little with the cat.  Okay, so the cat doesn’t really return the favor, but he makes a good effort.   Actually, she often chases him off mostly, but he’s a persistent little dog.  He’ll go into a play bow, then he’ll grrr and turn his head sideways and look all happy and excited.  Its really too cute to see him act that way now.  I’m trying to get a video of it.

He still hasn’t discovered the joy that is a good toy.  Marie shakes her stuffed gorilla at him and tosses it his way now and again, but he just doesn’t understand.  Or maybe he’s just not down with swapping slobber with another dog that way.  Who knows.

I took Nicolas to the Phoenix Pride Festival this past weekend, as RESCUE had a booth there.  He did quite well considering we spent two long afternoons there in the heat with all the strangers and the big dogs.  Nicolas is not a fan of the big dogs.  Easy enough to handle though, if I just turn him to face away from them, he stops with the barking.    He’s just letting them know that “I’m tiny but I’m tough! Ruff!”   He met lots of people and did his best to look sad and cute.  Hopefully it will bring in a few application for our little man.

He’s pretty much housebroken, but as we don’t have a doggie door, sometimes we don’t catch his subtle “I need to go potty now” signs and he’ll leave us a little present somewhere in the house.  But for the most part, he’s doing well in that department.   We have discovered though that Little Man does not enjoy being crated.  Our Min Pin prefers the crate and will spend hours in there on her own without us putting her in.  Its her safe space.  But not so with Mr. Nicolas.

We tried him out first in a smaller crate, one appropriate to his size.  He was so upset by the whole thing that he ripped off three toenails by pawing at his crate door.   Our solution was to up his crate size and put plexi-glass over the majority of the gate door, leaving room at top for air flow.   And that seemed to work for a week or so.   But the drama kicked it up a notch and he started to make himself sick over it, vomiting on a daily basis when crated.

So now, Nicolas gets to sleep in the laundry room, with lights on during the day, and jazz music playing softly on the radio.  He gets the giant 3 ft x 3 ft furry pillow and one of my t-shirts to keep him cozy.  He’s doing really well in there, no accidents and no vomiting.  And he still has the remaining toe nails intact, as well.    Its less than ideal, and required purchasing yet another baby gate (we should buy stock in those things I’m telling you), but it works and he’s a happier and healthier little chihuahua.

We’re still not getting very far with basic commands with him, but he does well on leash if Marie is walking with us (he seems to try to do what she does and act like her on leash, he’d really benefit from a doggie mentor in his new home).   But we’ll keep working with him.

Nicolas has been such a joy to have around and he’s just so darn cute I almost can’t stand it. 😀   We hope his forever home finds him soon, but until then, we get to enjoy this goofy little lovable pup.

Thanks for stopping by.  See you at the dog park!


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