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Quick Update

December 30, 2008

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday season this December. We sure did. Marie happily received a new chewy toy, Neika got a new cat-nip filled crinkly pillow toy, and Reggie got a new red sweater (we shaved some mats off back in September, but the fur never grew back fully, so he’s a little bald in spots, and gets chilly at night). Marie spent the week chewing, Neika spent it kicking around her little pillow (usually just as we were trying to fall asleep), and Reggie adjusted nicely to wearing something more than just his collar. He was less than thrilled with the whole situation, but I think he feels better at night now.

Other than Reggie walking into the tree every now and again (hey, you move things around on your blind cat and chances are good they’ll run into stuff now and again as they get used to the new set up), we all had a nice Christmas.

We took some time off from fostering. Marie and our last foster, Diamond (a Queensland Heeler), didn’t get along so well. There was an incident involving just who got to use the small crate, and neither girl wanted to back down. Yes, I said small crate, and yes, Diamond is a Heeler. No idea how, but she actually managed to fit in a small crate and liked it that way. So, needless to say, we decided we all needed a break.

And it was for the best, as Reggie has gotten worse these last couple of months. For your review, Reggie is a 15 year old Maine Coon cat. He suffers from hyperthyroidism, kidney damage (from the HT, requiring daily sub-q fluids), high blood pressure and arrhythmia. He is also blind. Add to that now having an infection in his mouth and you have one grumpy cat. The mouth infection begs for removal of teeth. He’s actually already lost one on its own. Problem is, he’s a 15 year old cat with an arrhythmia. Our vet feels that surgery is just too risky, and the chances of losing him there on the table are too high. So we’re treating that infection with a round of antibiotics every couple of weeks. He’s been having problems getting to his litter box in time the last couple of weeks, so we’ve come home to some pretty foul messes on the tile in the kitchen and dining room (at least he keeps it on the tile I guess). He has his good days and his bad days when it comes to eating (the last few days have been bad days unfortunately). So we’ve had some fun in the House of L lately. We just felt that adding a new dog to the mix probably wasn’t such a good idea.

So that’s all that’s been happening around here. I’m hoping to be able to post a bit more often after the New Year. I don’t know where 2008 went, but it sure went by quickly. Hope you all have a great rest of 2008 and wonderful New Year!

Thanks for reading. See you at the dog park!


Rocky was Adopted!

July 30, 2008

Well, little man Rocky is now in his forever home with new dad Jerry. Rocky and Jerry met on Sunday. Rocky is a little unsure about new people, particularly when they try to pick him up. So Jerry took a seat on the couch and let Rocky come to him. Rocky obliged and share his squeaky toy with Jerry while sitting in his lap. Hopefully Rocky has adjusted and warmed up to his new dad by now.

We’ll miss the little guy, that’s for sure. He was a joy to have around, and we would have had no problem if he had had to stay with us longer. But I know he’ll be loved and spoiled in his new home where he’ll be the only dog for a while (which means no sharing the lap with another pooch).

Good luck Rocky! We’ll miss you!

We’ll be cat sitting in about a week, and the kitties will be staying with us for almost two weeks, so we’ll be taking a little break from dog fostering. We should have a new pup by the end of August though, and I’ll be sure to post all about the lucky dog.

Thanks for reading. See you at the dog park.

Rocky Has An Adoption Appointment!!

July 23, 2008

Ah, the good life, the life of a foster dog in our household. Yep, that’s the same Rocky you see in the earlier post. But now he’s clean, comfortable, and happy. We have had the little guy for just over a month now and he has been an absolute joy. He was housebroken that first weekend and has adjusted to our work schedule beautifully and is able to hold it while we’re at work. No accidents. He gets along with our Min Pin and he’s polite to the cats. Okay, he’s mostly terrified of the cats and avoids them at all costs. But he has started to show some interest, if only he could get close enough for a sniff.

Rocky is a quiet and well behaved little guy, and he has “cool hair” as my husband would say. (See the picture below from his rescue day). He has learned to sit before I put down his food bowl, to sit when it’s time to come back in from a romp in the back yard, and he crates up when we tell him to. Gotta love that. We were only able to train one other foster dog to crate up on command, and it took him longer than a month. Rocky had that down in about two weeks. He’s a smart little guy.

Rocky also discovered the joy of a good squeaky toy and it’s now non-stop squeakage at the House of L.

But this may just be our last week with this wonderful little pup. We received an application for him earlier this week and are now in the process of finalizing an appointment for Sunday. His potential adopter is a single man, who is home more than away and has no other pets. He owned a Min Pin and a Yorkie previously (how ironic) so he’s used to the small breeds, particularly the small terriers. He has a lifestyle that will allow him to devote plenty of time, love and attention to little Rocky, and that’s exactly what we want for our little buddy.

So keep your fingers crossed for us and I’ll be sure to post an update next week!!

Thanks for reading. See you at the dog park!

Meet Our New Foster Rocky!

June 16, 2008

This is little Rocky. He’s a terrier mix (Yorkie/Cairn perhaps?), or as I like to say, “He’s a little scruffy dog!” He’s has cute little round brown eyes that just stare up at you, giving him a sad little face. And his hair sticks up all over, much like Einstein’s did. Its quite endearing really.

Rocky was sprung from the joint on Friday, June 13th. Being the day that he was rescued from the kill list, and given a second chance at life, it should have been a pretty lucky day for the little guy. But ended up being a pretty rough one instead. That evening we went to a fundraiser event, “Yappy Hour” at a resort in Scottsdale. The first hour went well, he got lots of attention from folks. But then I put him down to get a drink of water. The water bowls were near a door to the patio. One of the guests came in with her dog. The dog sniffed at Rocky and then turned to walk away. Suddenly it turned back and chomped down on little Rocky, picked him up and started off with him, shaking him and all that, as if Rocky were a toy (and maybe that’s what the dog thought he was….). I was of course yelling and screaming. When you’re in a situation like that, you’re not always thinking, you’re just reacting. Luckily, someone else did have their wits about them and dumped a large pitcher of cold water on the dog’s head. It let Rocky go and I scooped him up and backed off quick. Rocky let out the scream that little dogs scream when they’re frightened out their tiny little skulls, which of course scared everyone present, even more so than we already were. We rushed him out of that room into a quiet office to look him over. He has a little sore on one of his front legs, but its minor and should heal up quick. No other punctures, though he did bite his tongue, but it only bled a little bit.

He’s come out of it sore, and a little nervous of everything in general, but I don’t think there’s any lasting physical damage. He was a rather happy-go-lucky pup when I picked him up, but not so much right now. I’m hoping that after a week or two in quiet, stress-free, safe and loving environment, that he’ll perk up and be back to normal. I came out of it with rug burn on the top of one foot, bruises on my knees, and nasty sore on the inside of one knuckle (I think the leash ripped the skin when he was pulled from me).

But now its time to tell you a little about Rocky. He’s a quiet little guy who loves some lap time. He’s a bit of a circus dog in that he’ll get up on his hind legs and walk a bit if he thinks there’s something up high of interest. He has jumped up onto our dining room chairs in order to get high enough for me to pay attention to him (hey, it worked didn’t it?). He enjoys looking out the front window, and even more so if the office chair is pushed up close to it so he can sit rather than stand as he watched the street. Rocky also enjoys the large dog bed we have. All the little guys love it. He spent about an hour yesterday passed out on his back, head to the side, legs up in the air. Here’s a picture that I took of the little guy. (**Note: This photo has been censored, as this is a family friendly blog. ;D)

So far, he has not shown much interest in toys or playing, but new fosters often don’t until they have been with us for a bit and are more comfortable. He does not try to get Marie to play with him, but he has tried to sniff her a few times. The cats absolutely terrify him and he avoids them at all costs. Even if it means taking the long way around the dining room table.

Rocky enjoys being picked up and held. He likes to be close. He also likes to curl up for his naps in safe little spots such as under the dining room chairs, between the bar stools at our kitchen island, in the little space between the recliner/end table/sofa, under my worktable, etc. He actually briefly went into his crate when I was working in that room yesterday.

He does okay in the crate when we leave or at night. He’ll bark for a while, but then quiets down.
Overall, so far he’s been a good little guy. He’s only had a few accidents in the house, but they were really “marking” more than anything. He’s not yet neutered, so its to be expected. There are plenty of other fosters that marked those same places, so he’s just letting future fosters know he was there. Think of it as doggie graffiti.

Well, that’s about all I can tell you about this sweet little guy for now. As we get to know him better, I’ll be sure to post some updates and of course some great new photos.

Thanks for reading. See you at the dog park!

Thursday Thirteen!

June 4, 2008

I’ve never tried the whole “Thursday Thirteen” type of post, but I want to try to post more often here, figured I’d take advantage of this. So here it is, my first attempt at a Random Doggie Thursday 13! (And I’ll throw in some cat stuff too)

1. If you have a peach tree in your backyard, birds will indeed flock to it. And proceed to feast on the peaches you have not yet picked. And make a big mess, in more ways than one. The ground beneath said tree will soon be sporting many sticky peach-pits. Your dog will discover these long before you do and is likely to pick them up and carry them around the yard, and attempt to chew them. Bad, very bad. Lesson to be learned, do a daily peach-pit check BEFORE you let the dogs out.

2. When you take a brief break from fostering, your own dog will love you more, and then become bored because she has no one to steal toys from or snap at. And you will once again see the elusive scaredy cat on a more regular basis, outside of her feline sanctuary. But you will find you miss having another little four-legged one around.

3. My cat spends way to much time near the water bowl. Chest and neck mats are a real pain to comb out. Much comb-biting is involved.

4. When you have so many leashes hanging on the leash hooks that they start to fall off if you brush by too close, you have too many leashes. Especially considering there are never more than two dogs in the house at one time.

5. Its can be frightening to find clumps of fur in the back of the coat closet. Especially when that fur is from a dog that you fostered over a year ago…..maybe I need to vacuum out the closets more often.

6. Dog + Moth = Me laughing hysterically through the patio door. Good times were had by all, well except for maybe the moth.

7. There’s this great new alarm clock out. Its called the Reggie-Clock. At 6am, every morning, it marches into the bedroom and lets out a LOUD and startling “MUR-ROWR!” Trust me, you’ll jump so high you won’t be able to go back to sleep. And there’s no snooze button. (Who knew a 15 year cat could be so loud and demanding)

8. RESCUE is working one of our biggest fundraisers of the year right now. We have until the beginning of August to raise as much money as we can for the Bowl-a-rama fundraiser. This is an event sponsored by PACC911 and rescue groups and shelters all over the Valley will be joining in. RESCUE has a goal of $45,000 and we need all the help we can get!!! So take a moment to visit the website and maybe even make a small donation. You’ll be helping to fund our efforts to give homeless dogs and cats a second chance at life and a new forever home. I will be doing a separate post about this soon (I’m on the Leader of the Pack team).

9. When you own dogs and/or cats, you can take them with you wherever you go. Just take a look down at your shirt or pants. You’ll see, they’re always with you, whether you want them to be or not. Where’s that lint-roller?

10. A dog can make your day. No matter how bad your day at work was, you can’t help but smile, laugh, and feel calm when you have a warm, furry friend sitting on your lap loving you unconditionally (though a treat won’t be turned away). I love my Min Pin.

11. Cats are not always graceful or sure-footed. Neika, our Siamese, is the poster child for the graceless cat. When she’s not catching a foot on the top of the baby-gate as she jumps over, or trying to balance on the bars of the clothes hamper cart only to fall into one of the hamper baskets, she’s sitting on the bed in a most unlady-like position. A position that compels us to ask her if she’d like a beer. Use your imagination. I came out of the bathroom this morning only to see her lounging on the bed in one of these lovely positions. Really, its a wonderful way to start the day.

12. Could there be a more sad little face than this?

This little guy is Tad. No, he’s not my new foster, but he is new to RESCUE. And he just looks so little and sad and scared. Tad is a chihuahua, about one year old and sweet as can be. He’s not quite ready for adoption, but watch for him, he’ll be up on the website real soon.

13. “Anyone who doesn’t know what soap tastes like never washed a dog.” — Franklin P. Jones (And Saturday, I will once again get to taste the sweet elixir of clean, as I give Marie a much-needed bath)

Wow, that was tougher than I thought to come up with 13 things. But, there you have it, 13 random thoughts from yours truly.

Thanks for reading. See you at the dog park!

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Meet Our New Foster Toby!

May 9, 2008

Time to meet our new foster dog, Toby! Toby has been with RESCUE (and us) since April 2nd. Why he’s still with us, I don’t know. Just look at that face!!!


(This picture was taken on his rescue day, so he was a little unsure of himself at the time.)

Toby is a small (around 8lbs) brown and white chihuahua. He’s friendly and fairly outgoing, and seems to have a soft spot for men. He does well with dogs and cats. He’s quite the playful little guy and loves all his toys. Including the big-dog toys, many of which are as big if not bigger than he is. He’s a bit “toy ADD” in that he’ll start playing with one, spot another one out of the corner of his eye, abandon current toy and take up new toy. Thirty seconds later, he sees yet another toy that must be played with. And so and so on until every toy has had a chance to be gnawed on that hour. But he’s a sweet and goofy little guy (my favorite puppy personality) and you just can’t help but smile at him.

Toby has a slightly twisted muzzle, his nose is a little off center (that’s not just a weird camera angle, his nose is really slightly off to the side like that). But it doesn’t faze him, and since he hasn’t hit his teens yet, he’s not constantly worrying about his looks. So he is blissfully unaware of his imperfections, as it should be. It makes him all the more endearing, don’t you agree? He also has a slightly crooked tail, that appears like it may have been broken before. It add to his overall charm.

When Toby is worried or unsure of a situation, he will wrinkle up his little forehead (see photo) and look up at you with his big, sad, brown eyes and you just have to melt right then and there. I don’t care who you are, he has the magic to melt.

Toby loves lap time and wants nothing more than to be snuggled up to his person while he naps.
He is also a nibbler (that’s one of his nicknames now, Nibbler). He loves to nibble on fingers and toes (especially when the toes are attached to feet that are trying to move around the house). He never bites hard, just softly nibbles. Its very sweet.

So if you or someone you know is looking for a small, calm, sweet little pup to spoil and love, check out Toby. You might just be his forever home.

Thanks for reading. See you at the dog park!

Romeo’s Adoption!

May 9, 2008

I never got a chance to write a post about Romeo, the white boxer (mix?) we fostered earlier this year. But I now have some great pictures from his adoption day so I just wanted to share.

Here is a shot from Romeo’s rescue day:

And here are some shots of him and new brother, Mickey Blue Eyes, having a jolly good time playing and wrestling (something I’m sure is an everyday occurrence in their home now):

Romeo and Mickey
Romeo and Mickey
Romeo, tired out

And here is a great shot of Romeo with his new forever proud papa.
Romeo and Dad

We loved having Romeo around. He was a sweet and goofy dog that made us smile every day. His temperament was a dream, he was smart, great on the leash, and even learned a few commands. He was a great foster that we were sad to see go, but we know he has found the perfect forever home with a mom and dad who will love him and treat him like the wonderful dog that his is. And he now has a canine brother who is matched to him in play style and temperament, so we know he’ll have fun every day and get all the activity he needs.

Good luck Romeo! We’ll miss you!

Thanks for reading. See you at the dog park!

Should I Stay or Should I Go? (The Poo Chronicles)

March 5, 2008

Well, its all about the poo this week at the house of L. Yes, I said poo. Its something you get frighteningly comfortable with when you have a multi-pet household with critters of all ages.

Really, that goes for all pet messes. For example, on our wedding day, one of our cats had thrown up on the living room carpet (guess he wanted to let us know how he felt about missing out on cake). When we got home that night I was seen on my hands and knees cleaning it up, still in my wedding gown. If that’s not commitment to one’s animals, I don’t know what is.

But I digress. Our elderly cat, Reggie, has been suffering from bouts of constipation. We have special medication to give him for this problem. Its supposed to taste like chicken. If the smell is anything to go by, that’s a chicken I do not want to eat. He hates it, and I don’t really blame him. But he tolerates it well enough, considering. Our nightly ritual now involves wrapping him in a towel (to keep my husband’s hands safe from the talons-of-death), I hold Reggie like a baby, my husband fills up the syringe and then squirts it into Reggie’s mouth. Yes, we do end up wearing some of it. Then we get out the pillow and some cat food, and he gets his sub-Q fluids. I’ve become quite tolerant of sticking a one inch long 18 gauge needle into my cat, and it disturbs me slightly. But it part of owning an elderly cat with hyperthyroidism and damaged kidneys I guess. Oh, he also suffers from a slight heart murmur, has high blood pressue, and his vision is diminishing day by day. My cat is on more prescriptions (including his food) than I am. And his cost more. But he’s still an affectionate cat who can hold his own with a large, enthusiastic, young dog (and in our household, that’s a valuable trait).

Back to the whole constipation issue. He’s backed up. But we had poo on Monday night, which I announced to the entire household. I had to hold myself back from rushing on here and annoucing it then. So its getting better.

We have a new foster right now, and I will tell you much more about him in another post. His name is Romeo and he is a boxer (mix?). Anywho, he was only supposed to be with us over the weekend (our boarding facility was going to be closed and we had an adoption event, so I took him in so he could be at the event), but he’ll be sticking around for a bit. He had some diarrhea last weekend I’m told. We noticed on Friday night when I got him home, that he still had some intestinal issues. By Saturday evening, it was worse. He was quite lethargic as well. He woke us up in the early morning hours on Sunday, twice, needing to go out. He repeated this Monday and Tuesday mornings. Its very pretty outside at 3am. You can see lots of stars from our backyard. This morning however, he only got me up around 5am. I do so appreciate that. The poor guy though, he held it until we heard him whimpering and let him out. He’s such a good dog!!

Turns out that our little (well, not too little, he is boxer afterall) guy has a bacterial infection. I picked up some meds for him yesterday. He gets them three days this week, then we wait seven days and give it to him for three more days. We already noticed a difference this morning. I was out in the backyard with both him and our Min Pin, Marie. He tried to get her to play, though she’s not having it. He gave her a couple of enthusiastic play bows, let out a few goofy grrrs, jumped around, ran to the grass and back to the patio. She just turned her back. But I was laughing at him. And happy to see he is starting to get back some energy. When we got back inside, he actually tried to get Reggie to play with him (which is saying something, seeing as how his basically terrified of Reggie). He play bowed, then pawed at Reggie. Then Reggie swatted him, and poor Romeo cowered and crawled backwards to hide behind me. ;D

He’s lost some weight from all the runs (and I don’t mean around the block), so we’ll be working to get some meat on him on the next week or so. Eggs and rice (with some medication hidden in it) along with Wellness dry dog food should help.

Well, thanks for reading (despite the topic). See you at the dog park!

Meet Kyle!

December 26, 2007
We have a new foster in the house. His name is Kyle and he is a Cocker Spaniel.

Kyle is a sweet, lovable little guy. He’s about a year old and weighs under 20 lbs. He is very much a puppy still in that he is playful, mouths a bit, and is not completely house trained yet. But we’re really working with him on that last one.

Kyle loves a good tummy rub. If you get just the right spot, you have the joy of watching him move that back leg at top speed. And sometimes, you’ll get both back legs going!

He’s an amiable pooch. He warms up quickly and seems to like everyone he meets. He gets a little over excited sometimes with new people, and sometimes he’ll piddle a bit (but that’s not overly unusual for Cocker Spaniels). He does fine with other dogs, but he’s really all about the people and would therefore do fine in a home as the only dog. He is cat-safe as well. He is interested in cats, he’ll sniff them and try to check them out, but if they let him know they don’t want his attentions, he’ll back right off.

How would Kyle do with kids you ask? I’d say he’d be great with kids! I wouldn’t recommend him with children under 7, only because he needs consistent training and in a household with real young children, that may not always be possible. But he allows you to handle every inch of him without a care. You can play with his stub of a tail, flop his floppy ears, play with his muzzle and mouth, hold his paws and even pull at his fur! So he’s a kid-friendly dog.

Kyle loves a good stuffed toy to play with. He enjoys chewing on it, making it squeak, and rolling around with it. He also loves to play with his people and have a gentle little “wrestling match” on the floor. Afterwards, he’s happy to curl with his people on the couch and take a snooze. (We even took a nap together on the couch over the weekend.)

Kyle is a quiet soul for the most part. He doesn’t bark at every sound or movement or falling leaf. But he did bark at our neighbor’s dog when it was out in its own backyard. And when my husband was bringing the trash can back in through the back gate, Kyle barked at him until he realized who it was. So he can be a good little guard dog when the situation calls for it. Though I’m sure if an intruder came into the house, that Kyle would happily direct him towards the television in exchange for a good belly rub. ;D

Kyle does need some training. And a very patient adopter. He does not know any commands, at all. He is starting to learn our command for no (we make an “eh-eh” sound rather than saying “No”) and he does at least know his name. I believe he can learn, but it will take time and patience. But what he lacks in smarts he more than makes up for with his utter cuteness. He is getting better about being constantly under foot, but he still wants to be right near his people, so his adopters will need to be aware that he might be snoozing at your feet when you’re cooking dinner. He also needs a little work still on leash, but he’s not bad. I think he may not have had much training in his previous home. But he obviously did receive a lot of interaction with people and is well socialized. He’s just never had any sort of training whether it be potty training or leash manners.

Kyle is not yet completely housebroken, but we’ve made some progress in that department and managed to have an accident free weekend. Kyle has only been with us for a week now, so I’d say that’s pretty darn good progress.

He’s not a picky eater at all, and eats very well. He enjoys both dry and canned foods and loves the Mother Hubbard peanut butter treats.

Bath-time with Kyle is a joy. I’ve had fosters that whine, growl and struggle at bath time. And unfortunately, a bath is often called for when they first come to stay. Kyle has a tendency to pee on his front legs sometimes when he does his business. So his legs smelled less than sweet when we brought him home. I gave him a bath and he did beautifully! He acted like it was an every day occurrence for him. No whining, no struggling, no growling, and no fear of the faucet or the shower head! He just stood still and let me shampoo him and rinse him and then wring him out. And he loved, absolutely loved, the drying process. He charged into the towel I was holding and rolled and grrr’d and rolled some more. He was having too much fun being towel-dried.

Kyle is not yet available to the public. He still needs to be neutered. But he has his appointment for later this week so he should be visible on the website this coming weekend or early next week. If you’re interested in Kyle, you can look for him this weekend at our website and fill out an application for him.

Thanks for reading. See you at the Dog Park!

Meet Our New Foster, Simon!

October 3, 2007

Monday afternoon I got the call that a new dog was available for us to foster. He’s a Boston Terrier/Corgi mix named Simon. Not sure yet if he likes to do “drarwings” ;D . (I probably just totally dated myself with that comment, eh?)

Here is a pictures of him from the day he was rescued.

Isn’t he absolutely adorable? His little white stripe makes me think of a skunk. Too bad it doesn’t extend down his back. He has a little white patch on his chest and his toes have some white on them too.

So far, he’s been a quiet and well behaved little guy. He seems to be housebroken (when we pay attention to his signals), is fine with our dog (they don’t interact, but exist together fine), and seems to good with cats (or at least indifferent to them).

Today is only his third day with us, so we really don’t know much more about him. As we learn more, I’ll be sure to post. We did get some really cute pictures of him sleeping last night, but we still need to download those.

This Saturday RESCUE is having a car wash from 9am to 1pm. We’ll be at the Burger King on the southeast corner of 48th Street and Warner Road in Ahwatukee (south Phoenix). We’ll wash you car for a donation (it never hurts to be generous you know) and we’ll also have some RESCUE Wear available for sale (shirts, hat, stickers, license plate covers, key chains, etc with our logo on them). In addition to that, some of our available dogs will be hanging out there. So if you are interested in meeting some of our dogs, and in getting your car washed for a good cause, stop on by. And be sure to tell anyone you know to come by as well!

We have an on-going national fundraiser . The “National Pet Idol” contest is a contest where, for just $1, you can post a picture of your pet and some information about them. Then for just $1, you and anyone else can then vote for their favorite animal. And this isn’t just for dogs or cats, its for all pets! So far, its mostly cats and dogs, but there is on chinchilla entered. All the proceeds go to benefit RESCUE. Its being sponsored by Animal Wellness Magazine and the Only Natural Pet Store (by the way, if you purchase from them by using the link on the RESCUE home page, they’ll donate a percentage of your sale to RESCUE!). The voting begins October 24th, 2007, so hurry up and post your pets! Which reminds me, I need to get my fur-babies up there.

Well, that’s about it for this post. Thanks for reading. See you at the dog park!