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Help RESCUE Win $10,000!!!

September 29, 2008
All you have to do is vote! Its that easy.

Click on the “Go Now” button above and vote. To browse for RESCUE, select Arizona for the state, then scroll down until you see the Phoenix listing. Click on RESCUE and vote! We have 183 votes as of this posting. We’ll need a whole lot more to win, so start voting!! You can even send it on to everyone in your email address book to help spread the word.

Thanks for voting. See you at the dog park!


Bowl-a-rama Was a Success!!!

August 4, 2008

Wow! We had an initial goal of $45,000 for this fundraiser. At the beginning of last week we were only up to about $31,000 and so dropped that goal to $35,000 for a final total. Well, we surpassed that, and while we didn’t quite meet the original goal, we did raise a whopping $43,000!!!! I don’t know if any of those donations came from my 2 readers, but if it did, thank you very much!!

We also had a blast bowling on Saturday morning. People came dressed in their best ’50s attire and we bowled our little hearts out. The dogs beat the cats, ahem. You can see some video footage on RESCUE’s Facebook page. Check it out! And check out some of our other videos and photo albums while you’re there. You can get your morning dose of cuteness from all the dogs and cats.

Thanks for reading. See you at the dog park!

Bowl-a-Rama Fundraiser: Three Days Left!!

July 30, 2008

Well, we have three days left until Phoenix-area shelters converge and take over a bowling alley this coming weekend!!

RESCUE has a goal of $45,000. This will help cover most of our expenses for the rest of the year. $1500 a month covers our dog boarding costs. But we also have cats in boarding, medical expenses (we recently had to have all the teeth pulled from one of our little dogs, man was the expensive) and various other expenses that come with any business (even non-profits have bills to pay). But with only three days left, it looks like we won’t quite meet that goal, which is unfortunate.

However, the volunteers have all worked really, really hard to raise the money we have so far. We now hope to raise at least $35,000 before the end of the week. We’re about $1000 short of this goal!! If you haven’t made a donation yet, please take a moment to go over to the website and make a secure, tax-deductible donation. Every little bit helps, even a donation as small as $5 will help make a difference.

Already made a donation? Please pass the link on to the animal lovers in your life and encourage them to make a donation as well.

Thanks for reading. See you at the dog park.

Bowl-a-rama Time!

July 1, 2008

It’s that time of year again, time for Bowl-a-rama!


Yes, Bowl-a-rama!

Bowl-a-rama is a fundraising event sponsored by PACC911. Animal shelters and rescue organizations from around the Valley participate in this fun event. From May through the end of July groups make a big push to raise as much money as they can. Then, on the first Saturday in August, the groups take over a local bowling alley for the entire day (and I mean take over, it’s crazy animal lovers as far as the eye can see) and have a great time bowling, wearing goofy costumes, and belting out creative cheers. There are also raffle prizes and a silent auction going on that day. The bowling day itself is just for the rescue groups. Prizes are also awarded to the groups for best costumes and best cheers, and for raising the most funds.

RESCUE has a goal of $45,000. This will help see us through the remainder of the year. We have two teams working to meet that goal: The Leader of the Pack (the dog team) and the Rockin’ Bowlin’ Felines (the cat team, obviously). So far we’ve raised almost $20,000, so we are close to that half-way mark. But there’s only one month left to raise money.

I am on the Leader of the Pack team, go figure. Each team member has an individual goal of $1,500. $1,500 will help cover one month worth of boarding costs. Or it could help cover medical costs for a dog or two. Am I anywhere near that? No. But you can help me out!!

All you have to do is make a donation using our secure donation page:

Every little bit helps, whether it’s as small as $5 or $25 or larger donations of $50 or more. It’s tax deductible as well. I know the economy is tough right now, gas prices are through the roof, food costs are going up, people are losing their homes. But the dogs and cats still need your help, maybe now more than ever before. But if we don’t have the funds, we can’t help as many of them as we need to.

Home foreclosures are at an all time high. People are finding themselves in situations where they feel they can no longer keep their pets. The number of pets ending up at shelters has grown considerably in the past year. People are turning in pets at a higher rate and the city and county shelters find themselves at capacity. They are also abandoning animals in the homes when they have been foreclosed. There are just so many animals out there in need of new homes. Smaller groups take in what they can, and that includes RESCUE. We managed to rescue five new dogs two weeks ago (Rocky was one of them). But we can’t do this without your financial help.

Maybe you can’t adopt one yourself, and maybe money is tight for you, but maybe you can find a way to spare $5 or $10 this month and make that donation to RESCUE. Tell a friend, or ten friends. Take up a collection within your carpool, at your work, from your family and friends. Every little bit adds up.

And it’s so easy. Just click the link I posted above. This will take you to our donation page. Select a bowler (Leader of the Pack in this case ;D), type in a quicky message to encourage us, indicate the dollar amount of your donation, and you can put me down as the Referrer (AZ Dog Mom) so I know it came from a reader. Didn’t I tell you that would be easy?

So please, head on over to the site this month and make a donation. Then tell everyone you know about it and ask them to make a small donation. With your help, we can reach our goal of $45,000.

Thanks for reading. See you at the dog park!

Beauty to the RESCUE!

February 13, 2008

Its that time of year again, time for the annual Beauty to the RESCUE fundraiser event!

This event takes place on Sunday, March 9th, from 9am-3pm at the Mane Attraction Salon in Phoenix. The address is 3156 E. Camelback Road.

The beauty of this event isn’t just the customers after a service, but also in the fact that Mane Attraction is open on a day it would normally be closed. They also donate all the proceeds from the day to RESCUE. How great is that?!

The event will include beauty time, food from Seven’s Heaven, items for auction, dog grooming services by Animal Attractions, and of course, the lovely dogs of RESCUE. You can partake in all of this as you rock out to the musical stylings of Sistah Blue.

And to top off the festivities, we will have be holding a raffle drawing at the end of the day for a $1000 grand prize. You can purchase raffle tickets for only $5 from the RESCUE website. And you do not need to be present to win!

So hurry over to the site, buy your tickets and then go mark you calendar for Beauty to the RESCUE!

Thanks for reading. See you at the Dog Park!

National Pet Idol!!

November 4, 2007
RESCUE is hosting a National Pet Idol contest as a fundraising project!

Entries have closed, but voting has begun! Its just $1 to cast your vote, and all the proceeds go directly to RESCUE. So click on the button below, cast your votes (you can indeed vote more than once), and help RESCUE!

Thanks for reading. See you at the Dog Park!

Meet Our New Foster, Simon!

October 3, 2007

Monday afternoon I got the call that a new dog was available for us to foster. He’s a Boston Terrier/Corgi mix named Simon. Not sure yet if he likes to do “drarwings” ;D . (I probably just totally dated myself with that comment, eh?)

Here is a pictures of him from the day he was rescued.

Isn’t he absolutely adorable? His little white stripe makes me think of a skunk. Too bad it doesn’t extend down his back. He has a little white patch on his chest and his toes have some white on them too.

So far, he’s been a quiet and well behaved little guy. He seems to be housebroken (when we pay attention to his signals), is fine with our dog (they don’t interact, but exist together fine), and seems to good with cats (or at least indifferent to them).

Today is only his third day with us, so we really don’t know much more about him. As we learn more, I’ll be sure to post. We did get some really cute pictures of him sleeping last night, but we still need to download those.

This Saturday RESCUE is having a car wash from 9am to 1pm. We’ll be at the Burger King on the southeast corner of 48th Street and Warner Road in Ahwatukee (south Phoenix). We’ll wash you car for a donation (it never hurts to be generous you know) and we’ll also have some RESCUE Wear available for sale (shirts, hat, stickers, license plate covers, key chains, etc with our logo on them). In addition to that, some of our available dogs will be hanging out there. So if you are interested in meeting some of our dogs, and in getting your car washed for a good cause, stop on by. And be sure to tell anyone you know to come by as well!

We have an on-going national fundraiser . The “National Pet Idol” contest is a contest where, for just $1, you can post a picture of your pet and some information about them. Then for just $1, you and anyone else can then vote for their favorite animal. And this isn’t just for dogs or cats, its for all pets! So far, its mostly cats and dogs, but there is on chinchilla entered. All the proceeds go to benefit RESCUE. Its being sponsored by Animal Wellness Magazine and the Only Natural Pet Store (by the way, if you purchase from them by using the link on the RESCUE home page, they’ll donate a percentage of your sale to RESCUE!). The voting begins October 24th, 2007, so hurry up and post your pets! Which reminds me, I need to get my fur-babies up there.

Well, that’s about it for this post. Thanks for reading. See you at the dog park!

RESCUE Bowl-a-rama Fundraising Event

June 18, 2007

August 4, 2007 is the date for the 5th Annual Bowl-a-rama. This event is huge fundraiser for RESCUE. We have a goal of $50,000 this year for this event.

To quote our website:

“Organized by local animal-loving businesswoman Eileen Proctor, top dog of It’s A Ruff Life!, in conjunction with Pets911, this event is part of their continued mission to lend a paw to animals that are currently living a “rough” life. The Bowl-A-Rama brings together over 60 animal organizations to participate in this fifth annual fun-filled day to help the animals.
All pledges raised by RESCUE will go directly to our mission of providing a second chance at life for dogs and cats who through no fault of their own are spending their final days at Maricopa County Animal Care and Control.”
Basically, we try to raise as much money as we can between now and August 4th. On the 4th, all the animal rescue organizations come together and take over a local bowling alley and bowl, cheer each other on, parade around in crazy costumes, and all around have fun. The organization with the best costumes wins a prize as does the organization that raises the most funds. RESCUE wants to be the latter in that. We did it last year and we want to do it again this year.

So how can you help? Easy! You can make a pledge to one of our teams. Its a secure online transaction which is tax deductible (you’ll receive a receipt in the mail), and only takes a minute!

I’m on the “Hot Doggies” team this year. We’re the dog team. There is also a cat team. But of course, you want to support the dog team. Its all about the dog team. Don’t forget, its the dog team you want to support. Got that? D-O-G T-E-A-M. So when you head on over to the website to make your donation, you’ll want to be sure to indicate the “Hot Doggies” team. We have a little internal competition amongst the RESCUE volunteers: Cat Team vs Dog Team. The dog teams have always raised more than the cat teams, and we want to keep it that way. ;D (But the Cat Team is determined to make it a close second.) When the form asks for a referrer, you can just put this blog or my blog name (AZ Dog Mom).
So scoot on over there before you head out to the dog park and make that donation! We need all the funds we can get, every little bit helps.