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Pet Podcast Reviews Part 1 – Dog Cast Radio

December 27, 2007

I am a podcast addict (the first step is to admit you have problem, right?). I listen to a huge variety of podcasts and have found a number of great pet podcasts that I just have to share! I plan to make this a regular feature of the blog as I discover more great podcasts to share. If you know of any, be sure to share them with me. I’ll check them out and review them here. Same goes for get pet blogs!

Today I’d like to highlight my new favorite podcast, Dog Cast Radio. If you use iTunes to subscribe (and you don’t need to have a Mac or an iPod to use iTunes, speaking from experience), search for Dog Cast Radio. There should be 56 episodes in there. But they don’t go in any particular order, so you can start with the newest one, or be anal like me and go all the way back to the first episode and listen to them all. If you prefer to download them manually, or you use some other feed, you can find them at the Dog Cast Radio website.

Now, I’m only somewhere in the teens with this one (like I said, I love to go back and listen to podcasts from the very beginning), but I love, love, LOVE this podcast! Its a UK based cast and the host has a truly wonderful accent. And she says “Smashing!”, which just makes me smile. The show is quite professional sounding in format and style, and something you might think could be syndicated and picked up by NPR. They do news from the pet world, short stories and poems, interviews, and even have a kids’ segment called “Puppy Playtime” (love that). Some of the interviews have included folks at the Crufts dog show, breeders, dog trainers and behaviorists, shelter/rescue group workers, authors, dog owners and more. Its interesting to listen to the UK perspective on issues such as training, shelters and rescue, breeding, showing, etc. She does talk with folks from the US and Canada as well, but it predominantly UK. They also include great internet resources for you to look into as well.

One of the best segments that they do each episode is the excerpt from Buddy’s Diary. Buddy is their black lab and he has a lovely perspective on life.

New episodes come out on the second and fourth Saturday of each month. They’re usually about 45 minutes long (give or take). The format flows well and makes for a nice listen. And its definitely a family friendly podcast that anyone can enjoy.

So, if you’re a dog lover (and you likely are if you’re bothering to read my blog), this is one podcast you need to listen to.

Thanks for reading. See you at the Dog Park! (And we can discuss the latest episode of Dog Cast Radio while we’re there)